Contemporary furniture offers distinctive aesthetics to make your house feel like a modern home. Many people consider contemporary furniture to be symbolic of the present age and all the advances that make modern life so comfortable. No matter the reason you love it, follow these dos and don'ts when decorating to ensure that you get the most from your contemporary furniture.

Do Take the Time to Space Plan

Take the time to space plan every room in your home. After all, space planning is necessary if you want to accentuate the best things about your contemporary furniture and home. This term refers to the process of mentally organizing the way your furniture will serve the function and look of a room. It helps you maximize the space in your home for efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

Things that you may want to consider when space planning for contemporary furniture include:

  • The focal points of each room. These can be a piece of contemporary furniture, a fireplace, a wall that showcases awards or any other focal point that matters the most to you.
  • The primary function of each room. The choices you make for a bedroom will vary a great deal from the ones you make for the kitchen.
  • The flow and circulation of the room. A den should allow for family members to easily go in an out every doorway. Placing furniture in a way that sticks out and blocks a pathway would be a bad idea.
  • The windows and view from each room. How much a room seems to interact with the outdoors can have an impact on how you choose to decorate it. For example, you may choose to decorate a room with a pristine mountain view and French doors differently than you would a room with windows that overlook a wall.
Many other factors can go into the creation of a space plan. Consider the special things about your home and furniture while creating your plan. Take the time to perfect your space plan prior to choosing furniture and accessories.

Don't Make Everything Match

Although it can be fun to have a room that's heavily decorated with your favorite color, you don't want to overdo it. Having everything match in all the rooms of your home can be uncomfortable and jarring. It can also make things blend together, so your favorite pieces of furniture may not stand out as well.

Instead, try to choose a palette of colors that complement one another well when decorating each room. If you don't have a great eye for colors, you can seek the help of a designer or find details about home-decorating color palettes online.

Do Choose Decorative Accents Carefully

Shop for decorative accents only after you've chosen your furniture. Proceed with caution, choosing accessories that are sure to look well with the furniture and chosen color palette of a room.

Never assume that accessories you enjoyed with a different furniture set will necessarily be a good fit for new furniture. As an example, throw pillows are a good fit for some chairs, but they may not go with a contemporary chair that's luxe and comfortable on its own. Not every chair and sofa looks better with throw pillows.

Pay attention to things like shades. For example, you may see a mint green frame that immediately reminds you of a side table that also is mint green. However, when you bring it home, you notice that the shades are off.

Do Invest in Good Lighting

One of the things that can make or break the ambiance of a room is the lighting. If you are going to invest in high-quality contemporary furniture, you should also make sure you have optimal lighting to showcase it. It shouldn't be too bright or too dim.

It's a good idea to highlight specific pieces of furniture or areas of a room. This can easily be done with your lighting choices. A spotlight may be focused on a large bookshelf if you want to bring attention to the volumes on the shelves, and a modern chandelier over a dining room table is sure to immediately capture attention.

Also, it's a good idea to install dimmers on the major lighting sources for each room. That way, you can adjust the lighting according to the situation. The lighting you want in the den when your kids are doing homework is different than the way you'd want to light the room for a cocktail party.

Don't Forget the Foyer

Many people neglect to decorate the foyer of their homes, and that's a big mistake. The foyer of your home is the first thing people see of your home's interior, and it sets the scene for the rest of your home. Be sure to choose colors well and opt for contemporary furniture that is well-proportioned to the size of your foyer. Functional furniture is usually best for a foyer. You may opt to include a storage bench or hall tree.

Finally, keep in mind that contemporary furniture design is continually evolving, so you may want to stay open when it comes to your design choices. The most important part of decorating for modern living is choosing just the right contemporary furniture. Visions in Contemporary Living offers high-quality contemporary furniture for every room in your home.