No home is perfect, and if your issue is a small living room, chances are you are agonizing over how to make it both look and feel bigger. Unfortunately, to make their diminutive living room seem like an airy, open space, many homeowners actually make their family's main living space feel claustrophobic.

Luckily, it doesn't take the assistance of an interior designer to make your living room seem like it is much larger than it really is. Here are a few design tips to help you transform your living room.

Choose the Right Paint Colors

The color paint you choose can have a dramatic impact on the mood and feel of your home, including your living room. The best option is to choose a color that is light and airy. Pastels are a great option because they add a small pop of color without overwhelming the room.

However, if you really want to brighten the room, consider white. Avoid flat paint because it easily shows marks. Instead, opt for semi-gloss or satin. Both of these choices are easier to clean. You should also paint the trim throughout the space in white.

Utilize the same color in the spaces adjacent to your living room, as well. An abrupt break in color can make the room feel closed off from the rest of your home.

A dark color can make the room feel like a cave, which is why you should use it sparingly. For example, utilize darker colors in the artwork, throw pillows and other decorative touches in your room.

Another simple trick to make the room seem bigger is to paint the ceiling a color that is few shades darker than the color you painted the walls, or a darker complementary color. The drastic change in hues will draw the eye upward to the ceiling, which can make it feel bigger.

Let the Light In

Now that your walls are painted a beautiful shade of white, pastel or another bright color, it's time to let the light into the room. Heavy drapes, shades or a lack of adequate light can also make your living room feel like the walls are closing in.

The best way to fix this issue is to get rid of your window treatments, or at least, opt for something sheer. If you are worried about privacy, opt for blinds that can be opened during the day. If the light from your windows isn't adequate, or you still have several dark corners in the room, splurge on a few decorative lamps.

Place the lamps where they are needed and can be utilized. For example, transform an empty corner into a reading area with a small seat and a standing lamp or sconce. The more light in the space, the larger and more open it will feel.

Decorate With Mirrors

Another simple trick to make your living room feel lighter is to strategically place mirrors throughout the room. The mirrors will reflect any light coming into the room, which makes it feel more spacious. The best place to put mirrors is next to any sources of light in the room, both artificial and natural. Hang the mirror at eye level for maximum effect.

In addition to hanging mirrors on the wall, choose furniture that features reflective surfaces, as well. This furniture could be anything from a small glass-top side table to a coffee table with mirrored drawers.

Consider Contemporary Furniture

Far and away, choosing the ideal furniture for your living room will make or break your ability to transform your room into a light and airy oasis. Large, bulky furniture that takes up most of the wall is a bad choice. Additionally, choosing furniture that is too small can also make the room feel even smaller than it really is.

At this point, you might be wondering which furniture style to choose that is both aesthetically pleasing and can make your living room seem larger. Luckily, contemporary furniture is a great option that can give you an envious space that feels both light and airy.

Many of the tenets of contemporary furniture will work well in a small space. For example, contemporary pieces are often minimalist and constructed from reflective materials, including metal and glass. Contemporary furniture is also often low-profile, which is a great option for your small living room.

Finally, when shopping at your favorite contemporary store, don't forget to look for multipurpose pieces. For example, choose a coffee table that can also be used for seating. You have several options to choose from, and many contemporary furniture designers create multifunctional pieces.

Creating a living room that feels light and airy can be achieved by utilizing a few design tricks. When you're ready to begin, visit Visions in Contemporary Living to find the right furniture for your space and budget.